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Schedule a Harley Test Ride in Idaho Falls

If you’ve narrowed your new bike or low-mileage pre-owned bike options down to a few top contenders, it’s time to head out on a Harley test ride or two! Most dealerships are happy to let you take your favorites out on the road. Before you schedule an appointment at our dealership in Idaho Falls, read our guide to how to test ride a motorcycle, below.

How to Test Ride a Motorcycle Before You Buy

It’s crucial not to get carried away with the romanticism of a new ride. So, what should you focus on during our Harley test ride? Here’s what to keep in mind when you arrive for your motorcycle test ride:

  • Don’t compare a new vs. used bike. A new bike will always feel best, so you won’t get a clear idea of which bike is really the better value.
  • Ride on a wide variety of road surfaces throughout Boise, ID. You don’t want to find out that a new bike is uncomfortable to ride on certain surfaces only after you’ve bought it. You may even want to pre-plan your route before heading over to the dealership!
  • If possible, emulate the kind of riding you usually do during your Harley test ride. If you’re purchasing a touring bike, the dealership may allow you to take the bike out on the highway for at least a couple of hours. If you’ll be commuting, be sure to see how the bike fares in Twin Falls, ID traffic.
  • You will need to move the bike in and out of the garage or for maintenance, so make sure that you can handle the weight on your own.
  • Check that the bike has the right balance of fuel economy and power for your needs in Logan, UT.
  • Finally, consider comfort and the layout of features. Your bike should be comfortable for your back and provide the right amount of legroom for your height. Using the controls should feel intuitive and second nature.

Schedule Your Harley Test Ride at Grand Teton Harley-Davidson!

Most importantly, never go through with a sale immediately after a motorcycle test ride! Do a little more research, watch some review videos, and see how you feel after a day or two to think about it. Then, visit your dealership for one final test ride. If you still feel just as great about the bike as you did on day one, go for it!

At Grand Teton Harley-Davidson, our finance experts will sit down with you to figure out a lease or financing deal that fits your lifestyle and budget. Contact us to learn more today.