We’ve been making apparel and gear for riders since 1912. We know what works. On the road, and on a t-shirt. Harley-Davidson motorclothes are crafted with real quality—the kind that can turn a run-of-the-mill leather jacket into a family heirloom. From functional gear like rain suits, helmets, and work shirts to stylish Harley-Davidson clothing that lets you keep rolling even when you’re off your bike, the Grand Teton Harley-Davidson parts center has you covered.

Your Harley-Davidson dealer is the place to find Harley motorclothes, essential gear, and all kinds of accessories. Order your gear online or at our dealership in Idaho Falls, and be sure to let our service technicians know if you need any help getting set up! Stop in and smell the leather. See what feels right to you.

Stylized image of a motorcyclist wearing the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes FXRG collection.

FXRG® Collection

When the ride calls for high-performance riding gear, look no further than the FXRG® collection. 115 years of riding experience meet up with road-proven designs and the latest technology to make this line of weatherproof Harley motorclothes and specialized gear the only one that Boise, ID and Twin Falls, ID riders need to rely on. It’s built to help you ride further and stay comfortable in the saddle, even as weather and riding conditions change. You’re only as good as your gear. Get the good stuff.

A women with short blond hair sitting in a chair wearing a black V-neck polo from the Harley-Davidson Genuine MotorClothes collection.

Genuine MotorClothes® Collection

This is iconic Harley-Davidson® clothing and riding gear. Just like Harley bikes, Harley motorclothes are classic, bold, and strong. Riding jackets built from the most durable materials to keep you moving through it all. Tough hardware. Everything you need from helmets and rain gear to t-shirts and caps, and plenty of black and orange so you can show the world your true colors. The pride runs deep here.

Closeup of the black and white checkered flag logo of the Harley-Davidson 1903 collection.

1903 Collection

The 1903 Harley motorclothes collection was built from our passion for two wheels that was born 115 years ago. Vintage-inspired Harley-Davidson® graphics that come straight out of our history. Hand-stitched details. Top-quality materials. The heritage runs all the way back to our roots, but the function and style are timeless. This is the true original, made to be worn by the true original.

A women facing away with long, brown, wavy hair leans to the right wearing a green plaid Harley-Davidson long sleeve flannel shirt from the Harley-Davidson Garage collection.

Garage Collection

There’s nothing complicated about the garage collection. Stripped-down, rugged, and raw. And because this Harley-Davidson motorclothes collection was inspired by workwear, that’s just as it should be. Just to be clear, we’re talking about the kind of work that gets done by people who have a wrench in hand. We’ve got all the garage-inspired Harley-Davidson motorclothes that Logan, UT riders are looking for, from leather jackets and boots to shirt jackets and trucker caps.

A young modern looking man and women wear sleek black clothes from the Harley-Davidson H-D Moto Collection.

H-D® Moto Collection

We gave the throttle a modern twist when we set out to create the H-D® moto collection. The details are subtle. The lines are clean. These sleek Harley motorclothes are designed for mobility and riding comfort but made to look good when you’re off the road. They’re cut to fit your body with slimmer lines and not a lot of extra fabric to flap in the wind. These are the next classics and the future of Harley-Davidson clothing, made for those who like what’s next.

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